Through the use of subtle energies applied to specific acupuncture points via a cold laser probe, allergies are neutralized and stop having an effect on the body. This results in lasting relief from the misery of allergy symptoms.


Jenna's Testimonial
Costa Mesa CA

My 9month old son was having constant runny noses lasting for 7 weeks once I had started him on solid foods. The runny nose would present shortly after eating a bread product. We tried Dr. Stanbridge's BioAllergenix and did a system balance. After the first treatment, we noticed our son looking like he was a little imbalanced but he slept really well that night and has been sleeping better ever since. We did two more treatments for milk products and egg, and after the treatments the runny nose has disappeared and he hasn't had one since, unless he is teething or sick. But if he does they last a couple days. He is now 14 months old, and there have been no reoccurrences of the runny nose. Thanks, Dr. Stanbridge!

Jenna F., Tyson's Mommy

Marge's Testimonial

Dr. Stanbridge,

I would recommend your treatment for allergies to anyone with the problem. For a long time I have had a problem with my nose starting to run half way through a meal and continuing up to half an hour. I have always used a paper towel for a handkerchief because a Kleenex was not adequate at the onset, let alone the whole time. No more. My nose still runs now and then, but one Kleenex is more than adequate for the whole time. The results of the treatments seem little short of a miracle.

P.S. I am especially grateful for the fact that the incense used during my church services no longer bothers me.

Marge B.

Danny’s Testimonial

I knew I had allergies as a kid because my parents would keep me away from certain foods. One of those foods was corn. In 2007 I started working for Domino’s Pizza. Corn meal is used when making pizza to keep the dough from sticking to the counter while stretching it. As soon as I started stretching dough in 2007 the skin on my neck and arms started to burn, itch and get red and swollen. Then in 2008 the inside of my wrists and forearms would get the same way…it was like little needles sticking my skin. There were times when I had to have someone else stretch the dough for me because I was in so much pain.

I saw Dr. Stanbridge’s banner about Laser allergy treatment and talked to him about my problem. I decided to have some treatment. My schedule is pretty crazy so I couldn’t go in very often but about 2 weeks after my first treatment the itching was nearly gone and my skin was returning to normal. I still have had only one treatment but now I can stretch dough all day with no problems. It’s great to have relief!!

My brother has the same problem now I’m going to get him in.

Thank you Dr. Stanbridge!

Danny Lopez

Smoking Cessation

Using the BioAllergenix and technology Dr. Stanbridge developed his unique smoking cessation program that effectively eliminates the effect nicotine has on the body. Patients report a huge reduction in craving and the lack of satisfaction when they do light up.

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